The Best Exercise Programs to Stay Motivated

If you want to get fit, you are probably checking out the different exercise programs available. It can be hard to know which one is right for you. There are so many of them and you have to find which one would be best for your own needs.

Exercise ProgramSo many people try to get on top of their daily exercise regimens only to get sidetracked and then get busy doing other things. Before you know it, you are back to square one and feeling bad about not reaching your goal.

The key is to set yourself up for success with the best laid foundation of fitness and exercise goals. Use these guidelines to get organized and motivated when it comes to your daily exercise.

Find Your Why

You will need to figure out your why. What is your reason for exercising? Is it to lose weight? Maybe you are more worried about getting healthy. Whatever the reason, put it in the forefront of your mind and keep reminding yourself why you are doing this.

Exercising for Weight Loss

Do you want to lose weight? There are many ways to lose weight, however, the best way is to simply restrict your calories and exercise regularly. These two things are simply fool-proof and you will lose weight consistently. Once you reach your goal, these same things will help you to maintain your weight loss.

There are many fad diets and quick fixes on the market, but remember that these can never replace a good diet and exercise.

HIIT Training

One of the best exercises for weight loss is HIIT training. High intensity interval training is a type of training where you do intervals of exercise at extremely high intensity, followed by periods of low intensity.

For example, if you are sprinting, you can sprint at a high intensity for 30 seconds and then walk for the next 30 seconds, followed by another 30 seconds of high intensity sprinting and so on.

This is an extremely effective form of exercising and will help you to burn calories at a highly elevated rate. It is important to note that you should only do HIIT training a few times per week, but you could apply it to any type of exercise.


One way you can work smarter and not harder is by taking up swimming. If you have a pool in your backyard, make good use of it. Otherwise, check out the local gym or high school to see if there is one you can use.

Swimming is one of the best exercises you could do, since it burns so many calories. It provides you the ability to work out harder than you actually think you are. Just be careful because once you get out of the water, you’re going to start to feel it.¬†It’s a fun, full-body workout.

Doing laps for about 30 minutes each day will produce major results. Obviously, you cannot swim during cold winter months unless you have access to an indoor pool, so make this part of your daily fitness routine when it is warm.

If you diversify your workouts, push for high intensity for time management. To get better results, track your numbers on all levels and get enough rest, you’ll realize that you’re much more motivated about your exercise program as a whole.

At Home Fitness

Many of the same pieces of equipment you would find at a gym can be purchased for your home. Exercise bikes, treadmills, elliptical machines, barbells and even dumbbells can all be bought and placed in your home.

Instead of paying money at the gym, you can buy them and then use them from home! You can purchase these pieces of equipment for a reasonable price nowadays or even look online for people selling them. Most of the time, you will find that they have barely been used.

Video game consoles are not just for kids. Many of them offer workout games for adults. In addition to burning calories, you will have tons of fun! For an extra fun workout have your child, spouse, or best friend join you!

You may have always thought of your stairs as just a way to get up and down in your home, but they can help you burn calories. Stair climbing is a great aerobic exercise that involves using muscles in legs, which obviously will assist you in gaining muscles in your lower extremities.

Just be careful of slippery steps. If you have hardwood or laminate steps, be sure to wear non-slip socks.

Perhaps the most inexpensive at-home workout idea involves just you and free space. Sit-ups, push-ups and crunches are just a few ideas of muscle-building, fat burning exercises that fall into this category.

It is important, however, that you give yourself enough space to do these things. If you have furniture or other items in the way, you could be setting yourself up for an avoidable injury!

Yoga has become very popular and can be done at home, as long as you have enough space for a yoga mat. There are certain yoga moves that involve using a lot of muscle and get your heart rate going These are the ones you should focus on if you want to get into shape.

Find a buddy to workout with. You can do the program together and keep each other accountable. You can plan out when you will get together and make sure you do it every week. Having another person involved will make it more likely that you will stick it out.

The Numbers

You should also take notes about your progress. You can look back and see how much you have changed. This is best for those days when you feel like working out is not worth it. You can look back and see that it is.

Numbers are very motivating. However, it’s rather boring just to look at the numbers on the scale. Measure your BMI, waist and count how many calories your burning. This is a very motivating component of working out. As you continue along, you will begin to see improvements.

Get Enough Sleep

If you find that you are not wanting to workout, then it may be that you’re not¬†getting enough rest. In order to have that energy for your workouts, you have to get enough sleep and relaxation.

It’s recommended that you get your sleep in one complete block with no naps throughout the day. A consistent sleep pattern is key to getting enough sleep.

Whatever programs you decide to go with, know that being active is so important to your wellness. Working out and eating right are the best things you can do for yourself. You can be healthy, lose weight and feel better than you ever have when you put the right exercise programs in place and keep the right mindset.


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